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Common Law Copyright and Trademark Notice # DB-1001-CLCTN-72666-2TR. Copyright/Trademark Notice: All rights reserved re: Common Law Copyright of Trade-Mark, “Diann Billips ©™ Trust”, as well as any and all derivatives and variations in the spelling of said trade-name/trade-mark – Common Law Copyright, “Diann Billips ©™ Trust”. Said common-law trade-name/trade-mark, “Diann Billips © Trust”, may neither be used, nor reproduced, neither in whole nor in part, nor in any manner whatsoever, without the prior express, written consent and acknowledgment of “Diann Billips-Yeshurun©™ as signified by signature, “Diann Billips-Yeshurun, Agent” or Diann Billips-Yeshurun, TTEE”, hereinafter “Secured Party.”

Secured Party is not now, nor has ever been, an accommodation party, nor a surety, for the purported debt, i.e. “Diann Billips ©™ Trust”, nor for any derivative of, nor for any variation in the spelling of, said name, nor for any other juristic person, and is so-indemnified and held harmless by Trust, i.e. “Diann Billips ©™, and/or “Diann Billips ©™ Trust”, in Hold-Harmless Indemnity Agreement # DB-1001-HHA-72666-2TR, against any and all claims, legal actions, orders, warrants, judgments, demands, liabilities, losses, depositions, summonses, lawsuits, costs, fines, liens, levies, penalties, damages, interests and expenses whatsoever, both absolute, and contingent, as are due and as might become due, no existing and as might hereafter arise, and as might be suffered by, imposes upon and incurred by Trust for any and every reason, purpose and/or cause whatsoever.

With the Intent of Being Contractually Bound, any Juristic Person, as well as the agent of said Juristic Person, consents and agrees by this Copyright Notice that neither juristic person, nor the agent of said juristic person, shall display, nor otherwise use in any manner, the common-law trade-name/trade-mark “Diann Billips ©™ Trust”, nor display, nor otherwise use in any manner, the common-law trade-name/trade-mark “Diann Billips ©™ Trust”, nor the common-law copyright/trademark described herein, nor any derivative of, nor any variation in the spelling, of “Diann Billips ©™ ”, and/or “Diann Billips ©™ Trust”, without the prior, express, written consent and acknowledgment of Secured Party gives consent for any unauthorized use of “Diann Billips ©Trust”, and all such unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

Self-executing Contract/Security Agreement in Event of Unauthorized Use: By this Copyright Notice/Trademark, both the juristic person and the agent of said juristic person, hereinafter jointly and severally “User,” consent and agree that any use of “Diann Billips ©™” Copyright 2020 other than authorized use as set forth above constitutes unauthorized use, counterfeiting, of Secured Party’s common-law copyrighted/trademarked property, contractually binds User, and renders this Copyright Notice a Security Agreement wherein User is a Trust: “Diann Billips ©™ Trust” and is “Secured Party”, and signifies that User.

Take note also that Common Law Copyright/Trademark is claimed by Secured Party/Creditor and retains absolute control and mastery over the Trust/property of “Diann Billips ©™ Trust”.

By receipt of this notice you are hereby made aware of this copyright if otherwise ignorant of the fact that said copyright is a matter of public record. This is notification that you are in Breach. You herein have two options for remedy of this breach of copyright:

1) You consent to the removal on information and discontinuation of use of all information held in copyright that contains copyrighted materials from the databases, publications, chronicles, manifestos, newspapers, and/or records of any type and issues a written apology; or

2) If the first option of this section is neither affected or arrangements to affect cure of breach as described is not engaged within 10 days of return receipt of this Notice then the clause by default will be enacted and you consent to the following Self-executing Contrast/Security Agreement in the Event of Unauthorized Use as well as Payment Terms as described:

a) Self-executing Contract/Security Agreement in the Event of Unauthorized Use: By this Notice, both the Juristic Person and the agent thereof, herein after, jointly and severally “User”, consent and agree that any use of tradename/trademark copyright other than authorized use as set forth herein, constitutes unauthorized use and counterfeiting of property, contractually binds User and renders this Notice and Security Agreement wherein User is a Trust and “Diann Billips-Yeshurun©™” is “Secured Party”, and signifies that User:

b) In accordance with fees for the unauthorized use of Trade/Name/Trademark/Copyright, as set forth herein, consents to be invoiced for outstanding balance and agrees that User shall pay Trust all unauthorized use fees in full within thirty days of the date User is sent “Invoice”, itemizing and said fees.

c) Grants Trustee/Trust the right to invoice three times at thirty day intervals at which time User consents outstanding balance will be filed as a lien/levy via a UCC Financing Statement in the UCC filing office and/or in any county recorder’s office, wherein User is a Trust and Trust is a secured Party and that Secured Party may file such lien/levy against property as a security interest in all of User’s assets, land and personal property, and all of User’s interest in assets, land and personal property, in the sum certain amount of $1,000,000.00 (One Million Dollars, U.S.) per each occurrence of use of the common-law copyrighted trade-name/trademark, plus cost, plus triple damages;

d) Consent and agrees that said UCC Financial Statement described in paragraph “c” is a continuing financing statement, and further consents and agrees with Trust filing of any continuation statement necessary for maintain Secured Party’s perfected security interest in all of User’s property and interest in property pledges as collateral in this Security Agreement and described herein until User’s contractual obligation theretofore incurred has been fully satisfied;

e) Waives all defenses: Consents and agrees that any and all such filing described herein going without remedy are not, and may not be considered, bogus/frivolous and that User will not claim such a defense in regard.

f) Appoints Secured Party as Authorized Representative for User effective upon User’s default re User’s contractual obligations in favor of Secured Obligations as set forth herein granting Trust/Trustee full authorization and power for engaging in any and all actions on behalf of User including, but not limited to, authentication of a record on behalf of User as Secured Party, at Secured Party’s sole discretion, and as Secured Party deem appropriate, and User, effective upon User’s default, is irrevocable and coupled with a security interest.

Terms of Strict Foreclosure: User’s non-payment in full of all unauthorized use fees itemized in Invoice within said ninety (90) day period for during default as set forth in authorizes without recourse Trustee/Secured Party’s immediate non-judicial strict foreclosure on any and all remaining former property and interest in property formerly pledge as collateral by User, now property of Secured Party, which is not the possession of, nor otherwise disposed of by Secured Party upon expiration of said period.

“Billips-Yeshurun, Diann”, Agent or “Diann Billips-Yeshurun”, TTEE Autograph Common Law Copyright/Trademark 2019. Unauthorized use of “Billips-Yeshurun, Diann”, “Diann, Billips-Yeshurun TTEE”, “Billips-Yeshurun, Diann, Agent”, “Diann Billips-Yeshurun”, incurs same unauthorized-use fees as those associated with “Diann Billips” Trust ©™ ”, as set forth in the first paragraph of the first page.

Please feel free to contact us at “Diann Billips ©™ Trust” if you would like to discuss terms of curing the breach of copyright/trademark.

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Diann Billips-Yeshurun, Secured Party, Attorney-in Fact

Without Prejudice/Without Recourse

On behalf of Diann Billips ©™ , and/or

Diann Billips ©™ Trust

Copyright 2019. All Right Reserved.



Secured Party and Principal Creditor in this agreement and she knows the content of it’s body; that it is true of her own knowledge, except as to those matters that are stated in it on her information and belief, and as to those matters she believes to be true (All Rights Reserved Without Prejudice; U.C.C. 1-207/1-308, U.C.C. 1-103.).

Diann Billips-Yeshurun Security Party, Diann Billips-Yeshurun ©™ , All Rights Reserved without prejudice, U.C.C. 1-207/1-308, U.C.C. 1-103. Diann Billips-Yeshurun©™, 3331 Rainbow Dr. Ste E.#152, Gadsden, Alabama 35906 WOUS


I hereby certify that a true and correct copy of the foregoing has been furnished by US Mail to: The Clerk of the Circuit Court, Register/Recorder of deeds, 800 Forest Ave., First Floor room #122; The Attorney General for Alabama; the Assistant State Attorney; the Secretary of State for Alabama; the social security administration; the US Department of Treasury; Gadsden Alabama police department; Etowah County Sheriff Department; Roanoke Alabama Police Department; Randolph County Sheriff Department and the US Department of Justice, on this 28th day of April, 2020. Respectfully submitted by Diann Billips-Yeshurun Secured Party, “Diann Billips-Yeshurun©™, All Rights Reserved without prejudice; U.C.C. 1-207/1-308, U.C.C. 1-103.